lunedì 11 febbraio 2013

Hi  !!!
I found out that some of u guys don´t know who A, L, C and P are , so here´s the presentation of all of them so u can follow everything better.
A: she is one of my friends, she was born in Manhattan; she lives there with her aunt and her mother.
She was a friend of mine untill she became the Bff of the guy that I love ; in this blog I will always write of her without saying her name ( for the privacy).

L: he was my boyfriend and now he´s almost A´s !!!!!!!!!!! He was born in the Bronx , one time I hated him because he wasn´t enough wealthy and he didn´t live in Manhattan.... then I had a crush on him and since that time I´m in love with him :).

C: Here am I, I´v just sayd enough about me and you´ll find out many things if u read my blog.

xoxo Gossip girl

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