sabato 11 maggio 2013


Good morning Upper East Siders, you will be thrilled to know that some scandals came out early this morning and of course I was there to capture them.
 Seems that our little P has thought of every detail to show off at the Grand Central, we saw her get off the train with her new hair color and guess what?

It's not pink , it's  not purple, it's not black and it's not brown... so I thought to myself, can't be plum color !!
So I first thought perhaps I had an hallucination , I took a picture and I was right: plum color  is really too much even for you little P!

Then just 'cause it wasn't enough for her I heard her conversation with A but unfortunately for us they were talking about that famous band that they belong to .
Some searches have told me that they are planning to let her do a solo during the next party. What a f***??
But don't worry P , I'll always be there to film you.
you know you love me
xoxo gossip girl

venerdì 8 marzo 2013

Women's day

Happy Women's Day to all the women out there!!!! :)

This is for you all, to remember that we all are important, strong and especially girls on fire.

You know you love me
xo xo Gossip Girl 

martedì 12 febbraio 2013

Holiday :)

Hi guys how's it going?
Today I hit the slopes... and the ground :)
I just wanted to say that I´ll be pleased if U leave a comment under my posts and maybe say if U like it and if U want to know something else :)
thank you for reading my blog and remember: you know you love me
XOXO Gossip Girl

lunedì 11 febbraio 2013

Hi  !!!
I found out that some of u guys don´t know who A, L, C and P are , so here´s the presentation of all of them so u can follow everything better.
A: she is one of my friends, she was born in Manhattan; she lives there with her aunt and her mother.
She was a friend of mine untill she became the Bff of the guy that I love ; in this blog I will always write of her without saying her name ( for the privacy).

L: he was my boyfriend and now he´s almost A´s !!!!!!!!!!! He was born in the Bronx , one time I hated him because he wasn´t enough wealthy and he didn´t live in Manhattan.... then I had a crush on him and since that time I´m in love with him :).

C: Here am I, I´v just sayd enough about me and you´ll find out many things if u read my blog.

xoxo Gossip girl
Good Morning Upper east siders <3
Today there is no Gossip for you but listen at this news!!!!!!!!!!
I´m hitting the slopes in Austria and I´m going down in history as the blue dressed girl.
xoxo Gossip girl

domenica 10 febbraio 2013


Good morning Upper east side !!!!!!!!!!!!
Here´s your unique and favourite Gossip girl and here´s another news: my little friend A has a multicolor CONDOM on her head !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
That´s enough for today.
you know you love me  xoxo Gossip girl

martedì 5 febbraio 2013

Welcome P.

Here is a 'other Oscar nominated: P!!
congratulations dear, buying a pair of shoes heel 12 has been essential for Gossip girl, you'll be the new attraction at the carnival party !!!!!!

Your friend A instead must be really sad now that she has found out that her boyfriend has …. how can I say…..well you know this better than me, maybe.
you know you love me
xoxo Gossip girl