sabato 11 maggio 2013


Good morning Upper East Siders, you will be thrilled to know that some scandals came out early this morning and of course I was there to capture them.
 Seems that our little P has thought of every detail to show off at the Grand Central, we saw her get off the train with her new hair color and guess what?

It's not pink , it's  not purple, it's not black and it's not brown... so I thought to myself, can't be plum color !!
So I first thought perhaps I had an hallucination , I took a picture and I was right: plum color  is really too much even for you little P!

Then just 'cause it wasn't enough for her I heard her conversation with A but unfortunately for us they were talking about that famous band that they belong to .
Some searches have told me that they are planning to let her do a solo during the next party. What a f***??
But don't worry P , I'll always be there to film you.
you know you love me
xoxo gossip girl

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